East Travis Gateway Library District

Board Room

Agendas are posted when available.
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    The monthly meeting is the third tuesday of every month.

    January10th ,2017

  • members

    • Rita Luedecke
    • John Reynero
    • Cathy Olive
    • Eugene Burkland

    Every effort is made to appoint  individuals from all

    areas of the city  of  Del Valle and Elroy and

    Garfield who represent the range of cultures and

    backgrounds that represent our community.

    Once a  board  position is available there will be

    a process and then a decisions will be made.  For more information contact Jean Phipps at 512-247-7371

    Currently Seeking a  Board Member. We have a empty position

    if interested  please email  us  or  leave your name and number.

  • board room

    Welcome to the board room area of our web site.  Here you can find information about the board room and activities we  have here.

    This room is used for  our Karate on Mondays and Wednesdays and is also  available for any community use with a $25.00 usage fee deposit.

    Please call for  further information and availability

    512-243-1981 or 512-247-7371.

    If you have a meeting or a event such as a Birthday  party or even a  Baby Shower  !!


  • Learning Center

    Email Contact form: Jean Phipps @ garfield_library@yahoo.com

    The Community Library Network  meets the third Tuesday of every month. The following are meetings along with special budget hearings and approval meetings:

    August 15, 2015  


    October 20th, 2015

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  • Agenda May2016.PDF

    Agenda May2016

    application/pdf SCAN0001.PDF — 310 KB

  • SCAN0001.PDF

    March21,2017 Agenda

    application/pdf SCAN0001.PDF — 303 KB

  • Agenda 04/13/2017pdf

    Agenda 04/13/2017

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  • December 2017 Agenda

    December 2017 Agenda

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  • January 16th Meeting Rescheduled

    Meeting Rescheduled for February 6th 2018

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  • Feb 20th,2018 Agenda

    Special Meeting

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  • 04/17/2018 AGENDA

    Agenda 04/17/2018
  • Special Meeting 2018

    April 24th 2018

    application/pdf SCAN0005.PDF — 278 KB

  • Agenda MAY,01,2018

    Special Meeting : May 1st,2018

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  • Agenda May 01,2018

    Special Meeting

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  • Agenda May15th,2018

    May 15th,2018

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  • April 17th and May 2018 minutes

    Minutes for April and May 2018

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  • August 16th,2018

    Special Meeting Board Training

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  • Agenda August 20th, 2018

    Board Meeting

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  • Agenda October 4th, 2018

    Board Meeting

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