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Karate News

Karate in FULL Swing KARATE on Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8 pm FREE Mr Frank Selvera is our Instructor who donates his time too the library community The Library is working on adding new events to the growth of our library and we welcome your participation. ELROY IS NETWORKING WITH SEVERAL GROUPS IN THE AREA AND WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE WE HAVE EXCITING UPCOMING EVENTS SUCH AS A Christmas Display and also a Pancake Breakfast.

KarateKarate kick -

Kata with Frank Selvera

Mission Statement
To provide a safe and productive learning environment to the children of the Elroy Community Library at  NO COST for lessons by exposing and teaching Karate. The children will practice safe techniques of karate,by way of exercise(calisthenics), kata (form) and prearranged Kumite (sparing) as it pertains to real life situations with parental presence and participation in order to encourage and prepare children for self awareness within their culture of home, community,and school.

CLASS: Monday/Wednesday  : 6-8 pm

 Tournament 2013 Soryu



 Mr Selvera teaching classes on Mondays and  Wednesday